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We all know much more than we think we do. In today's world that is neither linear nor predictable, leaders need ways to empower teams to capitalise on what every human being has to offer.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® offers an awesome way to untap the power of human potential. It is based on a few fundamental beliefs about leadership and organisations:

  • Leaders don't have all the answers. The success is dependent on hearing all the voices in the room.

  • People naturally want to contribute, be part of something bigger and take ownership.

  • Allowing each member to contribute and speak out results in a more sustainable business model.

  • All too often, teams work sub-optimally, leaving team member knowledge untapped.

  • We live in a world, which can be best described as complex and adaptive.

These beliefs create the foundation to the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.

Imagine meetings where everyone is contributing, where the energy in the room is contagious, where everyone is in 'flow' and forgets it's time for lunch, where ideas emerge that have not surfaced before and even when people are not in total agreement, they can live with that because they're committed to action. This is the awesome power that LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® brings to organisations.

Drawing on extensive research from the fields of business, organisational development, psychology and learning, the concept of 'hand knowledge' takes people to new destinations in their thinking. As a trained LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, my role is to lead you through a serious of questions which go deeper and deeper. Each participant builds his or her own 3D model in response to my questions using specially selected bricks. These 3D models serve as the basis for:

  • group discussions

  • knowledge sharing

  • problem solving

  • decision-making

Do you want to maximise the full potential of your people? Are you seeking to draw out insights to drive growth in your organisation? Would you like to build the confidence and commitment of everyone in your team? Partner with Denice Scala Consulting and watch as we tap into human ability to illuminate hidden gems and initiate action whilst having fun that energises everyone. Contact me today: or +61 408 661 365

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