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Walking the labyrinth.

Life is not black and white. Life is multiple shades of grey. Knowing what to do when you don't know what to do may well be the best definition of intelligence that we have.

Recently I walked The Labyrinth in Centennial Park, Sydney Australia with my colleagues who are volunteers in the biography service at St Vincent's Hospital. We volunteer to write the life stories of patients who are terminally ill. The morning together was a way of reflecting on the stories that we share and lives encountered. It was my first time.

When someone trusts you to share their life's story, you enter a different labyrinth. Conversations meander on alternative paths, talk truth, share history, express the joys of life, the rawness and expose you as the biographer to many shades of grey. Your role is to listen, listen, listen and capture the authentic voice of your subject. It's priceless.

The Labyrinth is an amazing way of walking to reflect. As you breathe in the fresh air, look to the expansive blue sky and follow the track, you cannot help but stop, often lost in that beautiful place where your mind is empty of everyday busyness. You cannot help but occasionally lose your way on the labyrinth and think twice about why? The time for contemplation led me to a place of gratitude. Time spent with clients who are telling their life stories is a unique and privileged way to give back and to make a difference to the lives of others.

It is in giving that we receive. Leadership is all about giving. Giving of yourself. Giving of your talents. Giving of your time and at times, giving yourself permission to stop, reflect and maybe that means walking the labyrinth. Inspiring growth with dynamic leadership solutions is what I'm passionate about. Would you like to take your team on a journey of discovery? Would you like your team to be inspired to think differently about why they do what they do? Let's co-create workshops and experienes that will make all the differnce at the point where work and life intertwine. Contact me at:

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