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It's a facilitated  communication and problem-solving method. Participants build his or her own 3D model in response to questions using specially selected LEGO® bricks. These models serve as the basis for group discussions, shared knowledge, problem solving and decision making.

What makes it effective?​​
  • Deeper & broader thinking in less time

  • More effective meetings for everyone

  • Faster & better decisions

When is it a good idea to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®?

It's a good idea when the purpose of your meeting or workshop is to:

  • create a level playing field where everyone is involved and able to contribute their knowledge

  • have honest dialogue and collaborative conversations

  • place importance on no one person dominating at the expense of others for example by pursuing a personal agenda


It's a good idea when the subject of your meeting or workshop is:

  • complex and multifaceted with no clear answers

  • about grasping the big picture, seeing connections and exploring various options and potential solutions

  • offered to participants who are diverse in age, professional background, training or organisational status

It's a good idea when the results of your meeting or workshop mean it's important to:

  • make decisions that everyone commits to and honours afterwards even when they may not be in 100% agreement with everything

  • ensure there are no excuses or lack of initiative to get going

  • give all participants a common understanding and frame of reference that will impact future actions 

Partner with Denice Scala Consulting for the full scope of possibilities to drive growth from a simple meeting where you need outcomes to  your next compelling real-time strategy workshop.


The Power of Play

It's a happy talent to know how to play.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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