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for parents


In-depth workshops are conducted in small groups of up to 12 participants. Large group workshops can be designed for parent information evenings and conferences.


It's a facilitated  communication and problem-solving method. Participants build his or her own 3D model in response to questions using specially selected LEGO® bricks. These models serve as the basis for group discussions, shared knowledge, problem solving and decision making.

How will it help me as a parent?

Provide insights and more knowledge about how to approach parenting dilemmas.  Increase your confidence in  decision making and actions.  All adding up to  maximising your parenting potential. 


Why is it effective?
  • The LEGO® bricks serve as a common language that anyone can use. This means that everyone benefits from the knowledge and insights that surface 

  • Parents gain more concrete ideas and results, because everyone has the time to build his or her own solutions 

  • It's a fast way to delve deeply and get answers

  • It's a fun way to gain insight


Who should participate?
  • All parents who seek to go deeper and broader in less time into real life parenting matters

  • Workshops can also be  tailored to meet  specific family needs

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