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Looking for: 

  • Passion with a purpose

  • Getting to the core of issues and designing turnaround solutions

  • Fast paced, high energy results

  • Future focused outlook and new ideas with a competitive edge

  • Creative, simplified solutions to complex issues

  • Humour, fun and playfulness along the way

Partner with Denice Scala Consulting for solutions to empower growth in your organisation.


About Denice

Denice Scala is renowned for her progressive and dynamic leadership. In her element when she's engaging with clients who are energised by creating new ideas, shaping strategic direction and part of something greater than themselves, Denice brings fresh thinking to her bespoke facilitation work to maximise the potential of individuals, teams and businesses.

As the dynamic force behind her inspiring brand, Denice's commitment to high performance is reflected in her flagship offerings.


Her creative leadership and learning company is unique. Applying holistic, innovative solutions incorporating her expertise in neuroscience, MBTI® and  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Denice takes people to new destinations in their thinking by providing her clients with a vast toolbox of methodologies to deliver unparalleled, impactful experiences.

Having honed her craft in the education industry, Denice combines cutting edge trends, the power of playful learning and her compelling communication skills to drive high levels of engagement and grow peformance.


Enjoying nothing better than working with aspirational individuals and teams who are future focused, Denice likes to get to the core of client's  issues  by co-designing high impact solutions.


Don't just 'go' through life, 'grow' through life is her driving philosophy. Her unwavering commitment to delivering quality service and personalised solutions whilst having fun along the way is key to your success when partnering with Denice.

I believe that the capacity that any organisation needs is for leadership to appear anywhere it is needed, when it is needed.  J. Welch

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